When and how often do you provide your service?

We offer three different intervals of service:

  • Once per week (Monday – Friday, always on the same day each week)
  • Twice per week (Mondays/Thursdays or Tuesdays/Fridays)
  • Bi-weekly (Monday – Friday, always on the same day but one visit every other week)

Days in which we visit your yard will vary depending on where in Pima County you are located. Contact us to find out when we are in your neighborhood.

We also offer one-time service for those who need us to clean up their yards due to move-ins, move-outs, rental properties, clean ups before special occasions such as family BBQs, back yard weddings, etc. This service is popular with real estate agents and landlords.

Is there and extra charge for our very first visit?

There could be depending what is required on our initial visit.

First time clean-ups generally require more time and contain more waste. To help us determine an accurate quote there are two questions we always ask:

  • How long since your yard was last cleaned?
  • How many dogs do you own?

These two things factor heavily into whether an initial clean up fee will need to be applied upon our very first service.

Do you have any type of referral plan? I’d like to get some free weeks of service!

That is so funny you should ask!

We do have a referral program! A pretty awesome one at that.

The best compliment we can possibly get is when an existing client likes us so much they feel they need to tell their family and friends about us.

So when this happens we have to offer a big thank you in return. The referral programs works like this:

1. Be an existing client

2. Refer a friend

3. That friend signs up for service by purchasing one of our weekly service packages

4. You get 4 weeks of additional service for free! Your friend just needs to tell us your name and we’ll add 4 weeks to your account.

Do this enough times, you may never have to pay for service ever again!

Do we have to be home during service and do our dogs need to be inside?

It is not necessary for you to be home.

If you are home when we arrive, we would be more than happy to introduce ourselves, meet your dogs, and discuss any special concerns you may have. Your dogs are not required to be inside when we are there but that really depends on your dogs and your preference.

The information we collect about your pets at sign-up will let us know if this is required.

How do I pay?

You name it, we pretty much accept it.

  • Personal checks
  • Cash
  • e-Transfers
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Interac Online
  • Visa Debit

We are proud to offer an easy, online payment option. Just simply go to our Pricing page, select your preferred package and follow the instructions on the payment page that follows.

What happens during really bad weather?

Sometimes weather just doesn’t cooperate allowing us to do a good job of proper waste removal. In that case, we will do our very best to let you know ahead of time that we will not be able to provide service that week. You will not be charged for the skipped week and service will resume the following week as scheduled.

In the Summer, the Monsoon can really “dampen” our ability to pick up poop. Trust me, give it a try sometime!